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What happens when two nerds (one who is obsessed with Star Wars & Marvel...the other with a love of all things Hello Kitty & Harry Potter) come together? And what happens when those two same nerds decide to bring more nerds into the world? You get the Barrons!  Tim and Avie Barron have been married for over 16 years and have three beautiful kiddos: Jamie Lynn, Paige and Elijah. 

Tim has been a long-time player of tabletop games since he was a young teenager.  The thought of owning a game store was always just a dream with his friends until he decided to try to make his dream into a reality! Avie works as the Connections Director for Impact Church and is also a huge supporter of Tim's dream. 

The Barron family has enjoyed family game nights with each other and other families over the years and want to encourage this wholesome family time throughout the community.  With the support and encouragement from their friends and family, the Barron's hope and goal is to provide a wholesome gaming store and lounge to Menifee and the surrounding area.  


26830 Cherry Hills Blvd.

Menifee, CA 92586


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