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gaming AREAS

We welcome gamers of all ages and all walks of life.  Whether you're just wanting to squeeze in a quick game, looking for a fun date night idea, or want to play full-day campaign, RSG offers safe, clean and family friendly venue.  Come in and play awhile!

We charge $8 for an all day play pass per player.  See our Memberships page to learn how to save on play passes and get member rewards and discounts. 

Our Gaming Lounge Room is set up for larger tabletop games such as Warhammer or Star Wars Legion. 

The Echo Base Room is set up for card game style play such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Digimon.

RSG also has a private gaming room that will be available to book for private gaming parties, DND sessions and other special events.

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Open Play

Our spacious gaming areas allow for plenty of spacing for tabletop games.

Be sure to stop by the rental library if you just want to come and play for awhile.

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We want Ready. Set. Game! to be a safe and wholesome place to hangout and take a break from screen time and the chaos of the day to day. Read our RSG Code of Conduct here.

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gaming tables

From DnD to Warhammer 40K to Pokemon, the gaming lounge has comfortable seating and plenty of tables to set up your game of choice. 

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Paint Bar

Want to upgrade your army with a custom paint job? Need more scenery to add to your campaign? We have a spacious paint bar and scenery building area set up for you to use!

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Be sure to check the Calendar regularly for Tournament Dates, Special Events and worshops.

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What's gaming without a few snacks? Bring stuff from home or support our local business neighbors.  We also have a small concession counter of snacks and drinks in the shop. We just ask you keep your area clean and clean up after yourself!

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