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Magic: The Gathering (more commonly referred to as Magic or MTG) is a trading card game - also known as a collectible card game - originally created by designer Richard Garfield and released by Wizards of the Coast in 1993. Widely considered the first trading card game, the game typically sees two players compete to defeat their opponent first by spending mana to play creatures, spells and other items and abilities.


Thursdays - Casual Commander Pods at 6:30pm
Fridays - Draft Events at 7pm
Saturdays - Pre Con Commander and Play Your Way - all day

Looking for a friendly, casual game? Hop on the Discord, stop by the shop or bring a friend (or a few) to the gaming lounge.  Be sure to get the event code from the front desk to log into the Companion app and help us get tickets that help us get better prize support for events!

Click here to read the RSG MTG Commander House Rules
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Interested in getting more info about events or FUTURE TOURNAMENTS? Click on the button below to fill our our interest form:

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