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Ready. Set. Game! is an official Organized Play Disney Lorcana store!

Disney Lorcana is a trading card game (TCG) that features Disney characters in both original and reimagined art styles that live in an all-new world with unique and magical gameplay. The game is set in the rich and fantastical world of Lorcana, a combination of the words "lore" and "arcana". Players will take on the mantle of Illumineer, a powerful sorcerer, and band together Disney characters from Lorcana's "The Great Illuminary", a treasury of all Disney songs and stories ever made.

RSG is an OFFICIAL ORGANIZED PLAY store! That means we have access to exclusive promos and prizes for League players!

The RSG Disney Lorcan League launches on Saturday, September 9th from 10AM to 4PM. 

Please visit our Discord Server and join the Disney Lorcana League channel for League details:



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Interested in getting more info about events or FUTURE TOURNAMENTS? Click on the button below to fill our our interest form:

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